Krabi tour package which one to choose

Krabi tour package which one to choose Traveling is like buying life experiences for yourself. For travelers who are planning to travel. But still hesitate whether to go by yourself or go with a tour company. Especially those who have no previous travel experience.

1. Khao Khanap Nam (Kanab Nam Mountains)
Important landmarks of Krabi town Located at Pak Nam Sub-district, Mueang District, Krabi Province. They are two hills about 100 meters high, flanked by the Krabi River. On both sides are mangrove forests that are fertile and green. You can go sightseeing by renting a long-tailed boat at Chao Fah Pier. On top of him, there is a beautiful Khao Khanap Nam cave with stalactites and stalagmites. Inside the cave, an ancient giant human skeleton was excavated. and pottery This is evidence indicating that the cave has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

2. Mud Crabs Sculpture
Another important landmark of Krabi town. It is a sculpture of 4 black crabs, the large one, the mother with a 2 meter wide carapace, and the other 3 smaller ones, standing prominently at Suan Pak Nam Pier, Uttarakit Road, which is a good view point overlooking Khao Khanap Nam, mountains. 2 balls which are symbols of Krabi town Not far away yet “Nok Ok Monument” or eagle, the local bird of Krabi indicates that Krabi has a perfect sea. There is a mangrove forest full of mangroves.

3. House of Klang
Ban Ko Klang, Klong Prasong Subdistrict Located on a large island in the middle of the Krabi River. It is a community near the city with abundant natural resources of the mangrove forest. and the scenery of the beautiful Krabi River It is a nursery for aquatic animals. and the source of good quality Sangyod rice in Thailand Most of the villagers practice Islam. Occupational fishing since the past to the present There is a fresh seafood restaurant on the Krachang raft for tourists to enjoy. Convenient transportation within less than 10 minutes from Chao Fah Pier.

4. Fossil Shell Beach Cemetery 75 million years
The 75-million-year-old shell cemetery is located at Ban Laem Pho beach. On the northeastern side of the National Park area, Hat Nopparat Thara National Park – Phi Phi Islands. About 17 kilometers from the city is a large fossil fossil. It is about 1 kilometer in length and 50 meters in width. It is a snail shell that sticks together to solidify as a rock slab interspersed with layers of lignite. About 10 inches thick on each floor, later the land was lifted up to appear as a vast stone courtyard by the sea, counted as 1 in 3 of the world’s shell cemeteries.

5. Tha Pom Klong Song Nam
It is a large swamp forest with outstanding ecosystems mixed together. Between fresh water and salt water, located at Khao Khram Subdistrict, Mueang District, this swamp forest has biodiversity. Along the canal is full of water apple trees. whose roots cling together along the banks alongside the mangrove forest In the water is the habitat of fish that can live. And both are remarkably living for food. In addition, the color of the water in Khlong Tha Pom changes according to the rise and fall of sea water. It will change to a beautiful emerald green pom blue.